Hi. I'm Serene.

UX/UI Design

Accessible, beautiful, and surprising user experiences and interactions are few and far between. The Internet is filled with plenty sites that are clunky and difficult to use, and I try to combat it by giving users intuitive and pain-free visits. I shape an experience by user case and persona to determine the cause of the problem or the sticking point, and designing (and testing) solutions.

Example Projects: designing pledge forms for multiple devises, use of web fonts for sight-impaired access, color scheme changes to make listening events pop.

Favorite resources: Little Big Details, Boxes and Arrows, A List Apart, Usabilla Blog.

Graphic Design to Deployment

The lifecycle of a design, from a PSD file from creative approvals to deployment, is often a long and labored process that requires patience and understanding. I have significant experience in the creative approval process (see: I have developed a thick skin) and the compromise and adjustment that comes along with it. Also, I am adept at rapid prototyping for live demos.

Example Projects: Reel Grrls (Drupal 6 site), over eight pledge drive campaigns for KUOW, my portfolio site.

Favorite Resources: Noupe, CSS Tricks, The Web Ahead podcast, Awwwards.

Talk to me!

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