Hi. I'm Serene.

Super pumped after leading a UX workshop at GeekGirlCon.

I am a developer that is always up for a good challenge. I'm always learning and exploring and listening and researching, and I think the idea of a final and perfect solution is fiction.

I'm always looking for excellent advice, book recommendations, and/or the secret to living life to the fullest. If you have wisdom to dispense, email me!


I like building, testing, tinkering and shaping. I strive for elegance in my code, and I’m always practicing and reading and researching how to become better.

Some important details: Ruby is my favorite language, Sublime 2 is my favorite editor, and my latest project was building a vinyl record collection app with Nikky Southerland.


My design philosophy is rooted in a love for modernist architecture: the best design often quietly slips into the background because it is in harmony with its ecosystem.

Whether designing a user experience or planning a color scheme, design should be subtle and functional. An example of my design work is the mobile donation pages for KUOW.


"You can’t really master anything." I use this simple statement as a guiding philosophy that feeds my curiosity and quests for continual learning. Acknowledging that there is always a better solution keeps me humble and hungry.

My current learning quest is all about Rails. I am learning things like how to efficiently use DSLs and integrate APIs.

Talk to me!

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