Hi. I'm Serene.

Ruby On Rails

Ruby is so pretty. Seriously. If you are looking for an elegant, readable language, I highly recommend checking it out. And at the risk of sounding overly enthusiastic about the technology, pairing the elegance of Ruby with the power of Rails gives you a powerful MVC framework that provides a nice solution.

Example Projects: Celluloid (Rails 3.2.11), D&D Character Generator (Ruby 1.9.3), Ticketee (a practice app built with the book "Rails 4 in Action").


PHP may not be the hippest language out there, but it sure is powerful when building dynamic sites. I have been lucky to work with beautiful legacy sites that made maintaining and creating PHP pages a painless experience. I also have experience in PHP with CMS work. (See neighboring column.)

Example Project: KUOW (WIMP stack, now archival site).


Drupal is my favorite CMS because it comes in so many flavors. You will encounter everything from a small personal blog site to a large enterprise business site running on the same technology: not many solutions are so scalable. Playing in highly organized PHP files to extend the flexibility of Drupal is a rewarding process.

Example Projects: Reel Grrls (Drupal 6 site), KUOW (Drupal 7 site).

My Go-To Resources: DevChix for inspiration and fellowship, Railscasts for succinct Rails help, NetTuts+ for general solution awareness, Project Euler to improve my math skills, Stack Overflow for my emergency relief.

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